CICA news:

Central Ipperwash Community Association (CICA) represents the interests of the visitors, part-time residents and full time residents in Ipperwash. The Association is a not for profit membership that investigates issues, makes presentations to Lambton Shores Council and works quietly with elected representatives as well as Town officials to resolve issues for everyone who enjoys Ipperwash Beach.

CICA follows issues and acts on concerns such as providing directions for visitors, traffic concerns on the roads, and boat launch congestion that can adversely affect everyone at the beach. Equally important, CICA works with and is an active contributor to Communities in Bloom. CICA takes advice from Conservation Authorities to make Ipperwash more beautiful, and to provide information to residents and visitors so we can protect the beach and inland areas against invasive plant and waterborne species. CICA follows Lake and water use reports and works with other community associations across Ontario to provide guidance for the provincial government on rural and waterfront taxation as well as wind and solar energy policies.

CICA members also receive protection in the form of extra insurance purchased by the members for the members against liability suits which could be filed in the case of accidents at the beach. This benefit has been important in more than one case where owners and people from the area who were at the beach when an accident occurred were sued for not providing lifeguards, not warning people of dangers etc. Anyone living here permanently or having a cottage property – on the water or not – can be sued. So CICA gets the best possible prices for this insurance through its membership in Federation of Ontario Cottage Associations (FOCA).

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